Last week, while I was thinking about working on my angora/merino hoodie, I got an e-mail from my mom back in the States.  She informed me that my poor Aunt, who is undergoing chemo for breast cancer, has lost all her hair, and that she was going to give her a hat I made for warmth.  The hat in question?  A horrible cotton one that was supposed to look like the Weekend Hat by Claire Crompton, but ended up looking like what it was- my first attemp at sewing on the 2nd ever hat I’d made.  It’s not attractive.  There are bits of cotton strands poking out everwhere, big ol’ knots , and the over all look of being unfinished.  I gave it to grandma to shut her up since she kept going on about how my mom kept getting a lot of nice stuff, knowing that she would never wear it and that it would remian safe hidden away at the bottom of grandma’s drawer.   So when my mom informed me that she intended to give this embrassing monstrosity away, I balked.  I told her to give me a day to make something and that I would post it out asap.

After scouring the web Ravelry for good chemo cap patterns, I came across the lovely Edna Rose pattern, which I did in less than a ball of Sublime Angora Merino


I also threw in a cap I had made earlier, Felicity, out of some left over dk baby alpaca from a scarf I made yonks ago

These should be nice and soft for her, and keep out that chilly San Francisco air!