Today was a knitting adventure quest failure. I woke up in the morning as I always do, switched on the ol’ lappy, and sat down with a cup of coffee to peruse through the new blogs that had appeared on my Google Reader, and saw that one was from one of my favourite wirter/knitters, Viridian Flare had started on a sweater that I’d had queued for ages. I would like to say that great minds obviously think alike. The only thing holding me back from casting it on was that 1) I didn’t have the yarn for it and 2) it was a pattern that cost money. And I hadn’t quite brung myself to accept that I was at the point of knitting desperation that I needed to start buying patterns. That is until I noticed on Ravelry that the pattern for the sweater is also given for a LACE weight yarn…just like the 16000 yards of forest green lace weight Gloss yarn mi madre had sent over for Easter. Jesus had spoken and his words were ‘spend money you don’t have on your addiction.’ Yes, Sir! Now the next problem was finding somewhere with a yarn winder so that the 4 hanks of lace weight yarn could become sexy balls of untangled lace weight yarn. And it was here that Jesus started fecking with my soul. I figured that boutique knit shop, which SELLS HANKS OF UNWOUND YARN would have one. Negative. And after asking the nice lady behind the counter, I was informed that NO WHERE IN EDINBURGH has a yarn winder I could use. Merde. So instead I gave into my disappointment by spending 10 quid on two pairs of Addi needles. Bad, bad, bad! So having failed at finding a yarn winder, I guess I’ll have to muck in and do it the hard way- by hand, giving myself self-induced carpal tunnel. Stupid projects, why can’t they just be easy, straight-forward, and force me to SAVE money rather than spend it all?