A while back, while perusing the cheap yarn at an Edinburgh bargain store, I came across a bunch of Patons Smoothie Dk, which on the shelf, felt like a mix between bamboo and cotton despite it only being acrylic.   Unable to resist my overpowering need to buy yarn, I grabbed 4 skeins for less than 2 quid each, determined to make some shrugs out of them.

Halfway through Shrug This, i realised I went and picked a vom- inducing colour.  What I thought was a nice pink was in fact a gagging pastel pinky violet, and I knew just after I had completed the sleeves that there was no way I was going to ever wear it.

But luckily for me, grandma’s birthday is coming up in June.  And grandma’s appreciate anything you give them (remember fugy hat from previous post?) More over,  it looks kinda grandma-ish anyway, so she might even wear it.   I added a crochet trim to get some button holes in there and extended the waist with a lace pattern (which I maybe messed up on, which again, is why it’s going to a woman with failing eyesight).