…and not just because this damn Angora/Merino wool sheds like a stripper at Mardi Gras, causing fibers to get sucked up my nose, stuck on my tounge, and into every cup of tea made in this flat.

After months (okay, a wee bit longer than a moth) of working on this hoodie, 10 balls of wool, and countless ADD moments where the hoodie was instantly dropped for something that gave more instant satisfaction, I am thiiiiiiiiiiiiiis close to sewing up the behemoth.

I’m done with the front piece, the back piece, BOTH bloody sleeves, and the hood.  In fact, I just finished up sewing the hood bits with my renegade sewing skillz (yeah first time sewing!) and all that I have left to do is to knit the boarder for the hood and then I can do more sewing interpretations.


Unfort, my dream of having this project done by the end of the Month might be a bit optimistic due to a secret project needing to be completed BY June, thus taking precedent over the hoodie.

Add more knitting ADD.  My new interchangable needles came today (happy dances) meaning that I can pursue some of the tops in Fitted Knits.  My aunt swears by her interchangables, and I am getting fed up with some f the plastic cords on my bamboos..naughty, I know, but one day I will phase out my Clovers in leiu of the interchangeables…unless this is a bad idea.  Please, someone give me advice on this!