Remember that post yesterday about how I wasn’t going to get my hoodie done? Yeah.  I hit it. Today, at 11:23 pm, I wove in my last end of donned my FIRST EVER KNITTED WEARABLE GARMENT!

*happy dances all around*

Because of the time, I’ll take pics and get those posted tomorrow since I don’t see the point in blocking it ( also, our flat is physically too small to block anything but a hat, so blocking is physically impossible).  But I LOVE IT. It’s so soft. Soft like a cloud.  And FITS! FITS perfectly!

The pattern is from Sidar Simple Easy Knits #331, pattern F seen here on Ravelry.  The thing with this pattern book is that it runs like a Choose Your Own Adventure.  So the Ravelry pic is of the jacket version, but I made the solid hoodie.  They also have designs for vests, jumpers, turtlenecks, etc.

Bed time now.