After completing my hoodie, now affectionately called Grover because of how fuzzy it is and how much it sheds, I quickly moved on to something I’ve been itching to try- the turtleneck halter from  Fitted Knits.  One reason for wanting to get this started (besides what a cute knit it is for summer!) is because it calls for a worsted cotton mix- just like the Comfy yarn from Knit Picks my mom sent me for Easter!  And the gague? Spot on.

I cast on for the size 36, but now, watching it grow, it looks like the 34 might be a better fit for me.  My bra strap says I’m a 34, but  that’s the smallest size in the book, so naturally I’m a bit wary…however, it this cotton gives and loosens up a bit with time, as most cottons tend to do, then it will come out baggy on me instead of the tigether look I’m going for.  Solution?  Finish it and give it to my friend for her B-Day! I’m hoping that I can get away with 4 balls, leaving me with 4 balls so that I can make another one for me. Cheeky much?