Today was my third day of training for a new job, and for the pat two days, I have just gone along to a tea break with another newbie starter and we would sit there is semi-awkward silence for 15 minutes since both of us are too cheap to spend 20p on a cup of machine coffee.

Today, however, I went down with two of my work collegues who are giving me the training sessions.  While the two of them idly chit chatted, I wipped out my knitting ( for the sleeveless tank) and got a gasp from the woman on my left.

“You knit!?!?”

Apparently there is a NLS knitting group that meets every Thrusday for an hour and half after work, and I was invited to come along.  You bet!  I have been wanting to be part of a knitting group for ages.  I technically belong to the University one, but seeing as I am a year out from my Masters degree, I feel like I would be the old awkward one.  But now I have a work related knitting group and it’s WONDERFUL!  Finally, a group of people who understand what it’s like to enter a yarn shop and be completely helpless.  Finally, people who groan with you when you drop a stitch or mess up on your row counts, you coo with you over new yarn, and who you can share new techniques with.

I feel like the herion addict who just found their new den.