After careful thought, I’ve decieded that I’m far too indecisive and will cast on BOTH the wicked lace weight AND the February lady sweater…hey, who saw that coming?

As Trina so wisely stated, “how much do you love lace weight stockenette?” and the answer is  “not enought to be able to get sucked into a project that involved endless stst”.  I’ll obviously need something interesting to balance out the fustration of knitting rows upon rows of lace stockenette.

Also, I am STILL doing mindless 3×3 ribbing to finish the halter with the needles I need for the Wicket sweater, so first one up to bat will be the FebCard.

Now, the next quetion is if I try to start the cardi before my knit group on Thrusday, or if I just plough on with the endless ribbing and cast on the cardi as a reward for finishing the damn project….