Today was a very indulgent day of knitting.   I wove in the ends of the halter and it’s blocking as I type (pics to come!), and I was very naughty and indulged myself in some very selfish spending.

It really wasn’t my fault, you see.  I needed some buttons for the February Lady sweater, so I headed down to John Lewis, a large department store that has a midsized haberdashery/yarns section.  I found some adorable little wooden heart buttons and spent some time looking at yarn, but managed to resist the urge to buy any, knowing that I would find the same but cheaper online.  Then as I was walking home, I thought to myself that I should pop into Jenners to see if they had any buttons…or even the same buttons for a mental price comparison.  Jenners is very old school.   It started in 1838, during the hey day of Victorian  commerce, when the idea of a multi-shop shop, ie the department store, was a very new and innovative idea.  While the inside has been refurbished since then, there still remains a very ‘antique’ atmosphere about it, and they too have a small millinery/haberdashery/yarn section.  Mostly they only sell Rowan (all styles of Rowan) yarn and some Patrons.  And like a sign from above, they had massive sales on yarn.  Stuff like Rowan Cashsoft and Rowan Calmer for more than half price.

You see the dilemma.

I spent about 15 minutes debating if I should even buy any yarn, even though I didn’t know what I would make of it yet, and another 15 minutes trying to decide between Cashsoft and Calmer.  In the end I went for 10 balls of Calmer (prepacked) for £32.50 (*gasp!! I know! BUT, it was originally £65.50, and Calmer is SO soft and I’m hoping to get either a nice big jumper or two shirts out of it!).  And then I quickly ducked my head and ran out of there before talking myself into more yarn.

When I got home, (and after I hid the yarn away from My Honey), I indulged myself in more knittage.  I cast on first for the Wicked sweater since it involves some niffty cross over stitching which I’d never done before and didn’t want distracting me at knit night. I managed to get about half of the collar done before it was time to head out to the knitting group.  At the group, I started on the February Lady sweater since most of it is just garter stitch and can easily be done and managed to get to the third set of increases before it was time to head home.

Now I am balancing the two, but hope I can spread the love and work on both of them equally…no favouritism (*touch wood*).