After 3 days and 3 balls of Comfy, I have frogged the Feb. Lady cardi to start all over again.

I just got too fed up and wanted a clean slate.

I should have known things were starting off on the wrong foot when I first cast on at Knit Group and due to spacing out, read the instructions’ K3, work button hole, k to end’ as ‘knit 3 more rows then make a button hole row’.  Duh.

However, living by the motto that things will be fiiiiiiiiiiiiine, I continued onwards.  Then came the sun and the knitting in the gardens, and whoops- I forgot the pattern.  But that’s okay because I’m still doing the increases and such and still have 8 more increase rows…or was that 6…or 7? Hmmm…

No worries, I’ll just make it up, and just pretend that yes, I was 8 increases away.  Right. Now time to do the eyelet increases.  No problem, this is looking good.

Hmm…how did I end up with 16 stitches too many?  I suppose this is why it isn’t advisible to knit, sunbathe, and snooze at the same time (ps- you also get MAJORLY SUN BURNT! Something not extected in Scotland, even in summer). Right, so 16 too many..I’ll just cleverly take 8 stitches out on either side of tha back pannel…except it seems that my sleeve is now quite wonky…is it supposed to make a nipple like indent (outdent?).

Again, no worries, I’ll just carry on…ooh…why do I have an extra stitch here in the lacy pattern? And how did I end up a stitch short in the front pannel?

And thus, in fustration over trying to fix the waaaaay too many problems, I killed it.  Starting over again today. And this time, no more sleeping in the middle of it.