Well, my friend had her 25th birthday party the other day, and now that she’s opened her pressie, I can post it here!

It was meant to be just a boler0/cardigan/shurg but then I went and added the lace patern and it got longer.  I did the top half according to the pattern for Shrug This , then the lace part was from the Ribbed Lace Bolero.  I added a crochet button band. The problem was, I used a DK yarn instead of a worsted or aran weight which the Shrug This calls for. So I had to guestimate how many stitches to increase the pattern by.  Also, I fail at knowing how big my friends are and I guess I erred a bit on the small side, so when Zonko opened her pressie, her first thought was that I had made something for her unborn mystery child.  However, seeing that I live in a TINY flat, I have no where to block anything larger than a hat, so I asked if I could take the shurg back and block it on her large dining room table.  After wetting the thing, it really expanded and hopefully it will fit her now….hopefully. I wish I got pictures of it blocked because it really is a lot nicer than those unblocked ones.  Better yet, maybe one day I’ll get one of her wearing it..if it ended up fitting her.