Ever since knitting came into my life, I’ve noticed that it would, at times, clash with my other love, My Honey.  So to make it easier for everyone to get along, here are a few rules I’ve come up with.

1) No, I don’t love knitting more than you, but  I still need to finish this lace pattern before I can look up and talk to you.

2) Whatever needs to happen (washing dishes, making tea, eating, answering the door) will have to wait until I finish this row

3)  Your attempts to distract me by dancing, begging for cuddles, and making faces/sexual innuendo won’t make finishing this pattern repeat any faster

4) In fact, purposeful attempts to distract me while I’m trying to remember if I need to YO or not could cause my rage to translate itself to you

5) There is no such thing as ‘too much knitting’

6) I really don’t need to ‘take a break from knitting and just relax’.

7) Really.

8) Just because I have a raging yarn addiction doesn’t mean my shoe addiction has lessened any…just so you know.

9) I know you think the giant box of yarn and the subsequent bags I’ve been trying to hide from you is enough yarn, but there is NEVER such a thing as too much yarn.

10) Ever.

Now I’m sure we can all just get along.