On Tuesday afternoon, I finally finished the February Lady Cardi!  But then due to piggy flu (or a sinus head cold), I didn’t feel like transfering the pics to the magic of the interwebz.  So here they are now!

After the pics were taken, I did a bit of crab crochet stitch around the collar to tighten it up a bit and am debating if I want to add an inche or so of crochet to bring the yoke a bit up…not sure…

But it’s DONE and I’m loving it!  I totally did this project pretendig that I could also be working on a lace weight of Wicked, but then Wicked turned into a red-headed step-child and February lady cardi got all the love.  To be fair, I did get some work done on Wicked, but still have 12 more repeats to do before I can separate the sleeves and give it a try.