I don’t like going too long without posting, but honestly, it’s because I’m just doing round upon round of stockinette stitch.  My little red headed step child is progressing nicely.  I’ve separated the sleeves, knit a few inches, did some decreases for shaping, and am now working on the tummy of it before making some increases for the hips.  Gotta get some womanly curves in there!

I am very proud of myself for not starting any new projects…yet.  I am trying my best to get this lace weight sweater done and dusted because I want to wear it while it’s still balmy enough in the Burgh to wear such nice, light, and airy things.  I can already tell that I am DEF going to make this again in the worsted weight and…I confess. I was very naughty.  I received an e-mail from KnitPicks (damn you KnitPicks!) that they were having a sale for ONE WEEK ONLY.  And since my birthday is just right around the corner, I figured I would give myself a happy me present.  I seem to be doing that a lot and then wondering why I am so poor and forced to dip into my savings. Huh. Anyway, they had this sale.  And the Andean silk just called to me.  So hopefully my mom won’t mind having to post that over to me because I have already decided that I want to make a second Wicked out of it.  I’m also torn between next project.  I’ve narrowed my choices down to:

Snow White- I’ve already bought the pattern and have decide to use my Rowan Calmer yarn on…the one I also bought as a birthday pressie to me.


I think I’ll use the rest of my KnitPicks Comfy for this instead of making another turtleneck halter.  Which I also still totally plan on doing!


I have the pattern since it came in my Fitted Knits book.  I don’t have the yarn, but I know which one I’ll probably use.

I figure I ‘ll have enough time to make one more thing for me before the hardcore knit for the world starts- I got 2 birthdays and then the Christmas rush which I want to give myself plenty of time for.