I think I need to stop eating. Everything is just SO good!

I love simple foods, and I LOVE using up leftovers. Tonight’s leftover delight: Toasted Baguette with tomato, pesto and mozzarella.

My Honey and I had make pesto a few days ago because, surprisingly, it was only 3p more to buy two basil plants than a jar of pre-made pesto.  We stripped off the leaves, added a dash of olive oil, some garlic, some salt, and some cashew nuts to the blender and let it whirl.  Orgasmic.

So I had this pesto sitting in my fridge for about 4 days now. And because I was still mondo full from the epic noodle salad from this afternoon, something light like a sarnie tickled my fancy.

Baguette, smear of mayo on one side, smear of pesto on the other, some sliced tomato, some sliced mozzarella, grilled open faced till gooey and done.

Best friggin thing EVER!  I would have taken a pic, but I gobbled it up too quickly.