That or I have severe yarn OCD because it happened again and I really really need to be punished. Or put on a strict yarn diet.

Yes. Yesterday, rich with all my birthday money, I promptly went to the shops to look for something nice and fancy for myself.  Like a Christine Dior lipstick or something.  Pricey, indulgent, and only once a yearish.  But the chick at the Dior counter was busy painting another lady’s face, so I figured I would check out the sales going on upstairs.  Sales. I love sales. And somehow, instead of pressing the elevator button to take me to womens wear on level 2, I ended up heading to level 4. The yarn department.

And there were sales.

Now, under normal circumstances, as much as I love yarn, there are limits to how much I am willing to spend on it. But posh, luxury yarn on sale? Somehow the chemicals in my brain can justify it.  For example, Rowan Calmer.  This stuff is like knitting with clouds and is great for things that touch your skin, like long sleeves shirts and short sleeved shirts, and cap sleeved shirts….you get it. Plus, when it’s originally like £6.50 a ball and you get it for £3.25, it really is criminal to not take advantage.

But then I also got distracted by pretty colours. And ended up also getting a bag of Rowan cotton glace,  which is normally £3.95 a ball, but on sale for £2.25.

I ended up spending a QUARTER of my birthday bank money on yarn. Yarn that I don’t have a plan for. That I just needed to buy because my hands refused to let go of the wool.

So now I have 10 gorgeously soft balls of Rowan Calmer who need a project, and 10 beautiful wine coloured balls of Rowan cotton glace that need a project, and I am stumped.

Any ideas?

Also, in major news that unfortunately won’t make me loads of money, I got an award!!!  The lovely Sarah over at  Class and Coffee (who is amazingly awesome and has a great blog about her experiences with cooking, knitting and getting ready to be a TA!) has passed on the

YAYS! First award for this here bloggy.  And I feel there are a few ones out there that also deserve it as well:

2BKnitting: This blog is great because she gives really handy reviews of the patterns she’s doing, and does enough updates with pics so you can really see how the progress is going. A great knitting blog!

Trina at Ballatrina’s Knitting Her blog is lovely and she always leves me such wonderful comments.

The Stitchy Witch at Green Apples.  I love this blog.  I get so many great ideas from it (or just want to also steal the projects from).  This blog will always inspire me when I’m feeling stuck.

Virdian Flare atthe Endless Cast-on.  This blog always makes me laugh my ass off. It’s very similar to the Yarn Harlot’s, only written by a 20something trying to get through life.

Kiki at Make My Funk. Besides being a most excellent person, Kiki has a great blog on trying to be a crocheter while training for the London tri-athalon.