Well…not very exciting at all.  All I’ve done so far is start the sleeves and it’s reminded me how much I hate doing sleeves.  Ugh, the most tedious part, methinks, and I can see why so many people make cap sleeves or 3/4 lenght.  But I know I’ll wish I had it long sleeve, so I must solider on!

One of the fun things I’ve learned how to do is knit in the round with two circular needles.  My cousin first introduced me to this notion a few months ago and I immediately looked it up on knittinghelp.com. And I promptly ran away.

It looked crazy more confusing, I didn’t like the notion of the dangling needles, I saw myself getting absolutely tangled in yarn, and it freaked me out.

This time around, I figured I’d do it. Knitting is also about learning, right? Besides, my 3.5m needles were already used up with a pair of Fetching mits, so obviously I needed another way to knit in the round.  Well, I threw myself into it.

And I am SO happy! Oh my gosh, I am TOTALLY LOVING this new method.  I was never too stoked about using dpns because I think I knit weird and the dpns always slid about or got stuck  and it annoyed me.  I would always try to cast on on circulars and only use my dpns for the very very end when I had to.  But now? AMAZING!

I wish I took note of what website I used to help me figure out what I was doing, but typical me, I didn’t.  And now I can’t even find it on google, but there are like 2,000 out there, so I would def. check it out if you haven tried this method before.  Yes, the dangly cables can get in the way, and yes, since you are turning your knitting every half round, your yarn can get all wrapped up in your garment if you’re not careful, but over all I find it a much neater, faster, and more enjoyable method.

And now, back to these damn sleeves!