OMFG, I really really really hate sleeves. It’s taken me a week, and STILL not quite done. WITH ONE FREAKING SLEEVE!

I am determined to finish it tonight. I only have abpout 3 inches to go, but with lace weight yarn, it’s taking forever. FOREVER.

129 rounds done, about 24 more to go.

AND, to make my sleeve knitting anxiety worse, I got my b-day pressie from my mom today.  A box of yarn. Knit Picks Elegance, baby alpaca and silk.  I love it. Love love love it. Unfort, one of the colours is a bit questionable, so that will def be a gift (probs right back at mom) and I only have 660 of one colour and 770 of another, so not quite enough to make a full sweater.  So like a flash, I was back on Ravelry.

I’m thinking of using the brown one (colour I like!) to make

I’m not sure how it will turn out with the alpaca ( I was going to use New Lanark Aran) but I have the enough and figured I might as well use what I have.

Since I only have 660 of the other colour, I can either make a ton of salmon coloured gloves/hats, or a shurg….no idea where this is going.