I’ve been naughty.  I FINALLY finished and blocked my little red-headed step-child and I LOVE it!

I wish I had some better pictures of it, but hopefully I’ll add some once I get wear it.

The good news: It fits, it’s warm, and it’s the perfect travel jumper because it’s made from lace weight and therefore as heavy as a pencil.

The bad: I don’t want to wear it because i’m scared of making it smelly and then having it shrink/not get the smell out in the wash.  Irrational, maybe, but hey, it’s been like 24 degrees here with a muggy factor of 98% humidity, and you can’t walk outside without dripping from all part of your body.

But it was a great way to christen my new blocking board.

As you can see, you can’t expect to block the whole garment.  So I had to block this over 3 days, first the body, then one sleeve, then the other.  Mission.  Maybe one day I’ll make another board, but until I actually have a residence with space (note the board balancing on a crock pot slow cooker, some dumbbells, and my basket of yarn with aprons stuffed on top), that just ain’t gonna happen.

And immediately after pinning my lace weight to the board to block, I cast on for the Back-to-School vest from Fitted Knits . 1/3rd done.  Hopefully I can finish it before my trip to Poland in a week, but fingers crossed, it looks like I’ll have a busy week ahead!