Whew, what a great holiday! But this being a knitting/crafty-ish blog, if you want to read all about my vacay excursions, you can do so on my mother blog, There Ain’t No Devil.

Saturday- I had work first and then a race home to pack.  And it was then that I realised that I needed a jewlery bag.  Normally, I just use a clear zip lock bag, but being out of those, I was stuck.

Good thing I ‘swing both ways’ and busted out my trusty crochet hook and some crap yarn from my stash.  Now normally I’m too scared to invent patterns or just ‘knit on a whim’, but crochet is different for me and I just barrel in.  And while my Honey packed, I double crochet and had this done by the time he was:

Then, jewlery bag made, it was time to head off.

Now, I tried to knit like a maniac all last last week so that I had finished my Back to School vest (more on that later), and I didn’t want to start a new project on the plane, so once again, out came the handy crochet hook and some left over cotton yarn.  And I’m almost done with it!  To be honest, I didn’t do ANY yarn work on my holiday.  At all. I only worked on it on the plane ride, and since the flight was 2 hours each way, I managed to all but finish it- just need to get the handles on.

Also, Krakow is totally inventive in a very crafty way!  Just check out how they made use of these old Singer sewing machines:


And since there were NO yarn shops that I could find, I have no Polish knit craft to speak of.  I did, however, still run away with a fabulous pair of hand knit slippers:

Awwww. The inside is sheep’s fleece and the outside is some kind of fur.  They are SUPER comfy, and since the toe was stuffed with scraps of fleece and wool, I kept it to use to re-fluff the insides when I’ve worn it down.

Overall, it wasn’t the most crafty holiday, but it was definately amazing, and I even was productive and got a (almost) bag out of my stash!