I’ve been naughty and failed to update this for a while, but I want to blame that on my brain still being on Holiday.  That and a little thing called the Edinburgh Fringe:

Where crowds are so think you need to be a bull just to squeeze through

Where crowds are so think you need to be a bull just to squeeze through

When Edinburgh gets overrun by 10,000 crazies, causing locals to be 10 minutes late to all engagements because no one can get through the blockade of bodies.

Is that really an excuse for not posting? Maybe not, but I want to say it is.

Anyway, just before I left on holiday, I tried to churn out and finish my alpaca Back-to-School vest.  So here is it:

And I have to say- I’m apathetic. I can see how this vest would be excellent in what the pattern called for- a worsted weight yarn.  I used DK alpaca and did a few mistakes. 1) I did a size larger than I would wear to compensate for the DK weight. 2) I forgot that alpaca strrrrrrrrrrreatches like crazy, so I probably should have done either one size smaller or my actual size. But no biggie.   It fits…but only time will tell if it will fit for more than one  two wears.  So this might be a present for someone else.


This only took a week to knock out and I have to say I’m excited to try it again with a better yarn.  And I already know that the yarn I want to try is New Lanark wool . Besides this pattern being super cute and super fast, I also got to try something I’ve never done before- a 3 needle bind off.  I’ve seen this done a few times in patterns, but never found the nerve to try it myself.  And I have to say, I found it quite fun- untill I dropped a stitch on one needle and didn’t realise it until after I had finished binding off.  But I fixed it with some renagade sewing.  Hopefully soon I’ll have a photo du cette veste en action, but don’t hold your breath!