Riiight, so once upon a time I knit that Back-to-School vest.  And said it was too big.

Turns out I had come down with a slight case of retarded and had actually tried the vest on backwards, so that the bust darts were on the back and obviously made the back all big and saggy.


So I tried it on properly and with a shirt on underneath and like it a lot more.  I’m still not skipping down the path throwing flower petals up in the air in jubilation,  but I like it more than I did.

I just need to remember to NOT keep tugging it down and stretching it all out out when I wear it.  I should also actually properly block it.  Fix the straps so they lie flat and such.

I also went out and bought some sew in/iron on labels so now I can properly label my knitting and won’t keep wearing things backwards.