So I am 3/4 done with the Owls jumper and 1/4th done with the sleeves, and I have to say, I AM DONE WITH THIS!

I still AM going to have an Owls jumper, and it will be done with proper yarn.  But I have flat out had it with this damn Wool Ease.  I did a bit of searching and discovered it’s Thick n’ Quick.  Bulky. Big n Bulky.  And working something this big on my sz 10 needles is cramping my fingers.  I know (as I should have known only 4 inches in) that this yarn is just NOT right for jumpers.

Which is why I’m gonna frog it once again and turn it into these:

Or one of these:

Precious, expensive yarn, be prepared to be owl-a-fied.  At some point.

But  now I feel like I’ve wasted a week on this failure of a sweater and need to get a serious move on with all my up coming b-day and x-mas pressies, so maybe I’ll attempt the Owls once I feel less insecure about finishing my gifts on time.

In reality, this means I’m gonna do *secret pressie* now, maybe some cabled fingerless gloves, and then start on another jumper for me.  And then do a few more small things like some hats, a quick shawl for the grannie, and then work on *Big Mom Pressie* for x-mas.