1) I just spent 2 hours in my LYS working on *secret project* and drinking tea.  Tea for £1.75. FOR A WHOLE POT! Giggidy.

2) A woman outside actually came in to investigate my knitting since I was working in the round on two circulars and she had never seen that before. Ever.

3) The nice lady at the LYS showed me how Magic Loop works.  I’ve not experimented with this but have been very keen to learn.  So that’s what tonight might be about.

4) I discovered an amazing new site.  If you’ve never heard of this site, then GO NOW!

It’s the Twist Collective, an online magazine that features wonderful articles and amazing patterns for sale. I love how you can flick through the magazine by clicking on the right or left hand side of the page, as though fingering through a real magazine.  Of course, if you want to be boring and just jump straight to the articles or the patterns for sale, you can do that too by clicking on the tabs on the top of the page.   I spent all day (all lame 3.75 hours of it) at work reading it and drooling over some the very awesome patterns.   And I immediately found my new must-knit obsession.

It’s another wonderful pattern from Ysolda that’s knit from the sides and gets that cabling like affect through lace work.   MUST CAST ON NOW! Actually, must actually spend the $7 to get the pattern first.   And then go button shopping.  I’m thinking of trying out my Rowan Calmer on this one, even though it’s for a slightly thicker yarn.   And I haven’t decieded if i want tokeep the sleeves the lenght they’re shown or knit them full lenght.   But first, MUST BUY PATTERN!