Last week at my lys knit group, Ysolda (and yes, can I take a minute here to say how star struck I was to be in the presence of such an incredible talent…one of the reasons I’ve been avoiding going to the lys knit night was because I knew such amazing designers such as Ysolda and Sara Davies frequent the little Ediburgh shop.  And now own 3 of Ysolda’s patterns and can’t wait to cast them all on!) mentioned that she met someone at a knit convention who had tattooed various parts of her body with small marks, such as a wee line on her foot that said ‘decrease here’  and a tiny line on her finger to mark one inch.  Basically turning her body in to sa living ruler made specifically for someone who knits a lot for herself.

Naturally I was curious to see what other knitting related tattoo existed out there.  Some of them are reDUNCulous, but others I quite like, even if I would never have the cajones to get them done on myself.

and one for the crocheters

Some out there were pretty heinous. Must have been done by an ‘artist’ who failed basic drawing skills and then decided that looking like you draw in the dark is a great reason to go into the business of permanently sticking your eyesores on others.