Once upon a time, I was done with a *secret pressie*.  Spent over 2 hours making a stretchy sewn bind off, wove in all my ends, and even tried on le garment.  That’s when I noticed that there were little spokes of yarn poking out from all over the collar.  Wha? So I cut them.  And was just about to block when I noticed that there was a hole forming.  Right in the middle.  Because somehow, one of my joins or something wasn’t really a join and was just a stitch balancing there looking all proper like until any slight tug caused it to unravel.  And I couldn’t weave it back in because it was like…3 mil long…I have no idea what happened.  But I’m assuming it was one of two things:

1) I tried to join a new strand of yarn and the join failed and left me with  quickly disolving stitch

2) I tried to weave in the ends and failed, causing my stitched to quickly disolve.

Now, normally I hate weaving in ends becausde I don’t trust them.  So I’ll do some crazy renagade weaving and then try to make a bunch of knots.   But recently I’ve been doing the Russian Join since I can’t be arsed to weave in any ends.

Important lesson learned: ALWAYS RUSSIAN OR FELT JOIN!

This way, you will NEVER get these damn holes where the stitching just falls out, and even if you see little tuffs of yarn poking out, you can snip them down with out fearing that you’ve just destroyed 3 days of your life.

So now I got 2 more days of work on this bloody thing.