Every now and then I come across something so hideous, it really makes you wonder why someone decieded to not only go through with it’s invention, but also post it (for free) under the assumption that other people would want to knit it as well.

This issue of What Not to Knit comes from Knittingdaily.com Now every so often, Knitting Daily lets its members download an e-book of 7 free patterns.  Today was the day I got my free e-book, and I have to say, there was maybe one or two I would seriously consider casting on.   So I went, as I normally do, to see what other knitting porn there was in Knitting Daily’s archives.   Some, pretty cute, like this knitting bag:

Others, not so much.

I give you WTF 1:

and WTF 2:

Unsurprisingly, NO ONE has knit any of the following, although they were in 3 differnt queues.  Wha?