After the horrible frogging of all my finished ribbing, I was so sick of 2×2 rib that I decieded to put *secret project* on hold and do something completely different.  Something with NO ribbing.

As I’ve mentioned before, I’ve started to going to the knit night at my LYS which is frequently graced with Ysolda Teague. So when I started looking for a quick project with no ribbing, I immedately turned to one of her patterns.

I cast on for Rose Red Monday night.  Ysolda’s designs are genius. Absolutely magical. And while her patterns are so easy to follow (she totally walks you through step by step), you have to pay close attention to your needles because one slipped stitch and you’re toast.

Which I was.

I got to line 38, which has 17 stitches between lace repeats, slipped a stitch because I got sleepy, and bam. I suddenly had only 9 stitches and had no idea how to fix it. Some people use lifelines for this reason, but I really can’t be bothered when it’s a hat. Plus, it adds drama and forces you to be a bit more precise and pay a bit more attention. Very unlike 2×2 rib.

Wednesday I re-cast on, and by Friday before I had to head to work, I had this little gem blocking on a plate:

And I LOVE it! I can’t wait to cast on for another and another and another and another.   But next time around, I am def going to make a small. I went for the medium and need pins to keep it on my wonky shaped head.