I’m generally pretty good about keeping it down to only 1, 2 and in rare cases, 3 projects on the needles.  Because I normally feel so driven to finish what I start, I’ll start a project and work, head down in concentration, until it’s finished.  But now that My Honey has moved down to London, I feel like I need to fill up all the quiet time in the flat.  And thus, projects galore have begun. And have been half finished.  Lately, I’ve been really into using up my stash on mittens-somthing about the shorting of the days, the colder Scottish climate, and my need of a quick project:

I also found and finished a Fetching that had been hidden at the bottom of my project bag, and knocked off anbother Evangeline.  So now I have ONE left handed Evangeline and ONE left handed Fetching.  And I don’t know if I can find the motivation to start the Right handed ones.  Also, I got about 5 more inches to go on the body of my worsted Wicked.   AND, I still have all that stash yarn from my frogged Hobbit/Owls jumper, of which I have made ONE cabled slipper.   So at the moment I have a lot of projects that are missing their mates.  Kinda like I’m missing mine right now 😦