On Thursday, I got home, tired, hungry, and suicidal/homicidal thanks to another 13 hour day, to find that the postman had left me a wee note saying that a package had arrived for me.  Now, I had gone ahead and ordered several impulsive internet goodies with the cashing of my pay check, so I was hoping that this was one of them.  I asked for re-delivery for Saturday.

Saturday arrived and just as I was losing hope of my package arriving, I got The Knock.  And what the post lady handed me was not one of my internet buys, it was a goody box from home.  A goody box containing

ROVING!  This, good readers, is a sample of carded Merino wool from my mother’s sheep!!!!

You see, when I went back home for x-mas last year, I was surprised to find 2 little lambies:

Yes, the wee one is wearing a jumper. It's a cat sweater that says MEOW

These were meant for food. My mom even named the one not wearing the jumper ‘Freezer’ since that was where he was destined for.  My dad had other plans.  He fell in love with both of them and was organising a campaign at work to save the lambs.  So when I came home for x-mas and my family discovered that I knit, it looked as though a solution had arrived.  My mom would spare the lamb’s lives, and in return, the lambs would provide wool for me to knit.

The only issue was that my mom would have to learn how to spin.  Now here’s the thing about my mom. She throws herself into projects for the first month or so.  Goes out, buys all the things you need, and then….one thing leads to another, excuses get made, and the projects she started so forcefully seem to dribble to a stop. So when she told me she was going to spin, I got really excited about it but  didn’t expect too much to come from it.  Naturally, since, the two little lambs aren’t breed for their wool, the first thing my mom went out to do was buy a Merino.  Having acquired a third sheep, she then got a Beginning Spinning kit with a cheap drop spindle and basic instruction booklet.   I have NO idea how that half of the process is going, but at least the first steps are there: My mother has not only had the sheep sheared, she has had the wool washed AND is in the process of carding it.  And I have to say, this roving is DELISH !  I have no idea what she washed it in, but there is no strong scent of barn, and most of the sticky lanolin is gone, with just enough to make you feel like your hands have been moisturised.

So now that I KNOW that this delicious roving exists, I need to continually pressure my mom to get to the spinning part.  I know there are quite a few places around our area that teach spinning classes.  In fact, our neighbour has an alpaca that she spins who could teach her.   I feel like my mom has come SO close to going all the way through with a project, and tempting me with this incredibly soft merino is  really making me wish I were 5,000 miles closer to home so that I could whip her into leaning the spinning bit.  Maybe I should go out and get a drop spindle….