So the other day, I was thinking to myself  ‘damn, it’s getting chilly in the Burgh just now!’ ‘ Yes,’ myself agreed, ‘those chilly winds are sure making it hard to stay warm Too bad you have tons of berets but no woolly hats.’

This thought transpired just around the time I finished working on all my Mommy Birthday presents.  So not only was I cold, but I had just run out of small projects on the needle to do at work.

Solution: Ysolda’s Ripley

I happed to have been in K1 when Ysolda brought this in just before releasing it as a pattern for her Whimsical Little Knits book, and the instant I saw it, I knew it was something I wanted to knit.  Let’s ignore the fact that I not only look terrible in hats, but also have a head that rebels against wearing them by somehow forcing them off (even beanies) unless I pin them on.  No matter.  I need a woolly hat and by god, I will have one.

I cast on at work and 3 days later, I was at work during my lunch break learning how to Kitchner stitch from Knitty.  Ripley hat- Done.

I also had THE BIGGEST BESTEST MESSAGE TODAY EVER!  The incredily talented and exceptionally lovely Sarah who (in my mind) is K1, took my little bit of carded merino wool that my mom sent me and spun it into a wee mini skein!

becoming a mini skein of home grown/spun merino!

becoming a mini skein of home grown/spun merino!

THAT IS FROM OUR SHEEPY! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! Could I be more excitably twitchy? No. I can’t wait to stop by the shop (won’t be until October 6th at the earliest thanks to London) but when I do….boy oh boy oh boy oh boy I am going absolute bonkers.