Tomorrow, I board a train to see My Honey and our new falt in (greater) London.  Because I believe in spending as little money as possible on things such as transportation, I split my ticket.  I got a 5 hour train ride from Edinburgh to Birmingham.  Then an hour or two hanging out in the Birmingham train station before getting on another trian to go to London Euston.  Then a tube from Euston to Vauxhall. Then a train from Vauxhall to  Surbiton and a glass of wine I(or 4) I can call my own.

What this means is that I have 8 and something hours of travel.  To be more specific, 8 and something hours of pure, unintteruped knitting time.  Sure, I probably won’t be able to do much on the tube, but even 6 or 7 hours is a lot.  AND, I have more like 10 hours travel on the way back due to being trapped in Birmingham for 2 hours.  So this means I have the dreaded task of trying to plan what knitting projects I am taking with me.

I ordered eons in advance some super crunchy (hoping it softens up in the wash) superwash aran wool specifically for making Bella Mittens.  I hope to knock off 3 pairs during my travels.

I also am working on a bedtime shrug for my grandma so that her bony old arms don’t get cold when she reads in bed.  So add to the mix 4 balls of New Lanark. But I sorta started it for fun and finished about 20 inches so far out of the 50, so I forsee me finishing this on the train too.

So, in preparation for finishing these projects, I am also bringing along the left over yarn from my Oscar jumper to make into the Bandit shawl

And THEN, because I am being paranoid, I am also bringing along a lace project that I am working on as a x-mas gift to my mom.

All this is SUPER stressing me out because I want it to be a productive trip with lots of pressies getting made and lots of time filled.  But I am majorly stressing over the questions of ‘did I bring enough? Should I bring more needles? More yarn? More patterns?’   To make matters better and worse, Kiki is taking me to several yarn shops in Brighton and Hove to feed my addiction.  Now I’m thinking I should bring more needles and patterns.  Too many varriables!  Head exploding!