Remember when I spent alllll my time stressing about what yarn and patterns and projects to take on my crazy long train journey down to Surrey?


The result, one mitten made on the train ride down, 5 inches on granny’s x-mas pressie, and (somehow) almost and entire friggin lace shawl. on the train ride back.  How that happened, I have no idea- I must have been in the zone or something because I’m only 24 rows away from completing it.

Part of why I was stressing was I wanted to make sure I had enough things to do when I went down to Brighton.  The last time I was there, Kiki and I stayed in alllll day in our jammies doing yarn crafts.  Unfortunately for us, the lovely last rays of the summer sun were just too distracting, and we ended up spending quite a lot of our time outside…or drinking.

This isn’t to say we didn’t do anything- I managed to finish the second mitten and Kiki is like 5 inches away from a totally awesome crochet cardigan with lovely drape.

I also might have been able to produce more goods if the people in this country understood yarn weights.   When I ordered the mitten yarn on-line, it was advertised as CHUNKY.  Too bad it’s really worsted, and the mitten pattern really does need something a bit bigger than worsted.  And I don’t have enough yarn to use doubled.  Therefore, my mittens will go to someone with small hands (curse my long man-hands) and the rest of my yarn will go to make…..Ysolda’s amazing snapdragon flip top mittens!!! Yay!  Because, while the photo doesn’t do it justice, this yarn colour is AMAZING! And I have it in purple and slivery grey too!.

So I did WAY less knitting than planned, but no matter.  I have an even bigger growing queue and plan on finishing the shawl within the next two days.   Also, I am casting on for Owls this week and am buying needles for Elijah because I want to use up some of my stash before the big move doon to London and I still have my Jager Roma to use up.

Also, because My Honey specifically asked me to knit/crochet some oven mits/pot holders and something cute for out couch.  And how can I say no?