Whew, what a week! I feel very accomplished (if not poorer) and I blame it wholeheartedly on the weather.  The thing I love about the Scottish weather (what love? Surely you mean detest) is how obvious it it when it changes.  Oh sure, we may not have what most countries would call a ‘summer’, but even though the temperature might not sky rocket, it does get warmer.  Which is why it’s so much more obvious when autumn rolls around.  Almost instantly, the sun vanishes at 5 (and then 4:30 and then 4), the weather drops 20 degrees, and you know you need some woolies.

Which is why I might have impuslively bought a skien of Artesano Alpaca the other day at the yarn shop.  EVEN though I am trying to only spend £10 a week on food (and the yarn set me back £8), it was shouting my name.  And within an evening, I had myself a nice, new wooly hat.

Can I just insert here how much I LOVE this yarn?  Best yarn EVER! It’s so soft! It knits like a dream! And while I’ve heard it’s not the best to make jumpers with, it IS amazing for things like hats and mits.  Def my new go-to yarn for acessories!

But was a wooly hat enough? No.  For obviously my neck needed to be adorned with warmth too.  So in a night, I also whipped up a wee cowel.

This is from an odd ball of acrylic/mohair I had from a year ago.  While I’m not doing cartwheels over this yarn, the one thig is has going for it is amazing colour.  This picture fails at displaying the beautiful jewled tones of blues and purples that are blended into the yarn.  And the best part?  I have enough yarn left over to do another cowel, making this a great last minute x-mas pressie possibility.

But was that all? No.

You see, while I was on the train heading home, I started a little shawl using my left over yarn from my Oscar sweater.  And yes, while the pattern called for 400 yards, I figured I could make do with 350ish.  Not so much.  I was trying to finish the shawl and ran out of yarn 4 rows from the finish line.  Actually, I ran out of yarn just midway of binding off because I realised I would never be able to finish the 4 rows.  So I had to felt-join some random green yarn to th eend just so I could finish the bind off.

I’ll wera it like a scarf and it will fulfil it’s funtion.  But I loved how easy the pattern was and how I could zone out while knitting this (zoning out? WITH LACE?!?! Yes.) because it was easy enough to read my knitting whenever I got too spaced.

Also? I cast on for my owls sweater! I and this other girl have decieded that October is Owls month and by golly, we are going to do it.  I cast on last night with her and I am already doing my increases.  She is just starting her decreases since she is using aran yarn and 5.5 m needles.  Already I am discovering some thing.

1) I fail at knitting and chatting at the same time because I ended up doing an extra back decrease. Whoops.

2) I don’t get this pattern.  No, I do. But let’s talk about the increases.  I did two increases on the back and then moved two to the sides in an attempt to prevent the dreaded ‘poofy back.’  Fine.  So I did 5 decreases and 4 increases. And am bang on 104 stitches.  The number needed for the XS.  Now I am by NO stretch of imagination an XS.  I am like a M or M/L.  But after reaching 104 stitches, I tried it on and…it fits.  Huh?  And it fits so that any extra increases, (and I would have to increase by 8 to get to the next stitch point) would make it WAY too baggy up top.  So I’m just gonna roll with it and knit as if I were knitting the XS and just keep trying it on loads.  Eep.