You know that feeling- your heart speeds up a bit, your tummy gets all fluttery, and your toes start liquefying. It’s a crush.  You’re absolutely besot and vulnerable to the powers that the object of your affection seems to have over your every decision.  You can’t help it because you’re in love.   And I have two.

My first crush, I won’t lie, I had been eyeing up for a few weeks now.  Everytime I went to the knitting group at my lys, I found myself staring until the desire got too much and I caved in one day and took the plunge.  I only needed needles, but I ended up walking away with a stud.  His name? Artesano Aran, and hot damn, is it one sexy yarn to knit with.

It is SOOOO soft, feels so luxurious, and and the feeling of it running between your fingers is near europhoric.  I’m now seriously addicted, but at £8 a skein, this love doesn’t come cheap.  Luckily it’s the perfect yarn for hats, cowels, and mittens, and I can’t wait to start pumping out X-Mas goodies using this little jewel.

My next love wormed its way into my heart after completing about 5 inches of the Owls jumper.   Now, this yarn had been given mixed reviews on Ravelry, with many people stating it was too itchy, scratchy, and rough.  That’s because they got the wrong sheep.  I’m talking about Rowan’s Purelife BFL.  It’s amazing! It’s a wonderful thick, squishy yarn that still carries the aroma of sheep about it due to being Rowan’s ‘organic’ and ‘undyed’ range.

And all I can say is WOW! SO so so so soft! and beautiful stitch definition.  BFL is definitely the soft, fluffy cloud of the Purelife range and every cell in my body is screaming out in baited anticipation to be able to wear my jumper made out of this luscious wool.   Again though, my love is CRAZY EXPENSIVE at £6.25 a ball and me needing 6 to finish the jumper.  I’ve been slowly accumulating a ball here and there every few months or so to spread out the cost, but it’s still a big risk to take on something white.  I am living in fear of spilling something on it (it magically survived being in a bag WITH AN EXPLODED PEN!) and am taking my time, trying it on every 6 rows.  Oh squishy love, I want to snuggle up in you alllllllllll day.