Yes, I know I have other projects to finish. Yes, I know that X-mas is quickly approaching and I really need to get a move on it.  But when I woke up the other day, I couldn’t help but scream “HOLY CRAP IT’S FRICKING FREEZING” and immediately start plotting ways of staying warm.  The thing is, I’m back in London just now for a week and while I have brought down a significant percentage of my sweaters/shirts/ scarves in preparation for my final November move, I left my wonferful fuzzy Polish slippers back in Edinburgh.  And if there’s one thing I abhor, it’s cold feet!

Enter craftines. I took a look in my bag of scraggly bits (you know the one that contains half a ball from one project, another quarter ball from another) and realised that I had quite a bit of pure wool. AKA not cotton or superwash.  I had ALWAYS also wanted to try my hand at felting. Felted slippers sounded like a good choice to me!  I found a slipper pattern and rather than casting on with US6, I cast on on US10.  This made a nice big slipper with a looser gague.  Then I popped em in the washer.  I think one came out a little tighter than the other because I sorta put on the Daily Show and forgot for 15 mins that I had a slipper felting away in super hot water.  Then, when they were still all hot and wet, I put them on so they would mold a bit to me feet.  Impatient that I am, I also busted out the hair dryer and foced a bit more drying.

Yes, they’re a bit loose and feel like I’m wearing socks that are too big for my feet, but they’re warm and keep my toes from freezing on our kitchen floor.   I wold def make these again with any little leftovers.  I think I’m going to try felting the simple mary jane slippers to see what happens!

I love using up my stash!