It seems lately that all the blogs I read are talking about one thing: the Central Park Hoodie.  And this is really causing the green eyed monster to come out from sleeping becuase I have been wanting to do this for AGES!  Ever since I saw it as one of the most popular designs on Ravelry, I knew I wanted it too.  The cables…the cozy factor…I knew I needed to cast it on.

Unfortunately, my non-exsistant budget held me back.   Oh sure, I can maybe justify buying one lovely skein every now and then when I get paid, but I never really had enough to buy all the yarn I needed  for such a big project like the CPH.  And it’s taken me a year to accumulate all the wool I need for the Owls sweater thanks to it being £6.25 a ball. Blerg.

But that hasn’t stopped me thinking about it.   I’ve fantisized about what yarn to use and even found a site that sold Cascade 220 for £4.95 a skein as opposed to around £6.50 as some lys’s.  But then I felt Malabrigo for the first time on a visit to a wee yarn shop in London and now I feel like I’ve been touched by something wonderful.  But again, I would need like 6 skeins, and that would be £60 and I can’t be arsed.

Ooh,  but all the CPH-ness that’s going around is really making it hard to concentrate on any of my other wips!