I spent the last week down at the (near) London flat, and honestly, I was having too much of a good time to get the chance to knit.   It wasn’t supposed to be a holiday, it was supposed to be a working week off- I was supposed to unpack and move 7/9ths of my life, look for jobs, and get to know the area.

Instead, My Honey’s parents took us for dinner (for me, 4 nights in a row!), took us to a show (the Rat Pack, Live from the Sands!), and after they left, My Honey and I felt we needed to spend the time getting to know the neighbourhood- by partaking in a mini-pub crawl.

I did manage to make some Halloween cookies and somehow, do a wee bit of sober knitting.

The first thing was to finish Elijah for the flat.  Because all flats require a cute element.

I also caved in and knit my little home spun skein.  This was that little skein spun by the super talented Sarah . It wasn’t much, and I was honestly thinking of not knitting it- maybe turning it into some sort of Kissmas tree decoration.  But it kind got a bit unravelled in the move down, so I figured it was a sign to knit the thing.  The problem was, what could I make that was small enough?

Taxidermy the KittyYeah, so the face is a bit fecked up because I can’t do embroidery to save my life, and the seams are obvious because I didn’t have enough same coloured yarn to sew him up with, but I like him and think he rather represent me quite well.  A big rough and in need of love and a good home.  Which My Honey provides in spades- for both of us miscrients.

I am totally getting into this knitting stuffed squishies thing.  Not only is it a great stash buster, but there are a lot of really cute, free, Ravelry patterns out there.  Quick Kissmas stocking stuffers? Yes ma’am!