So, after trying on those hats and deciding that I loved them, I ventured into the yarn section of John Lewis.  After speaking to a super busy and very enthusiastic assistant about which yarns felt the best, I decided to go with Rowan Kid Classic.  I didn’t want anything too thick, and Kid Classic calls itself a worsted (or aran on Ravelry), but I don’t really understand it.  Yeah, it’s heavy, but it’s also very thing, so thin-ness speaking it’s like a dk…but…anyway.

I used two cirs to knit it in the round.  I cast on 120, did 4 rows of garter stitch, then  class=”hiddenSpellError” pre=”then “>K7,Kfb. K8 rounds, K8, kfb, K8 rounds, then did one P round. That was the brim.  Then K8, K2Tog. K 2 rounds, then K7, K2Tog.  Then I knit about 5 more inches (note, next time I’ll probably do only 4 inches).  Then slowly did some decreases. K6, K2Tog. Knit 3 rounds. K5, K2Tog. K 3 rounds. And on and on.  Then when I got down to K2tog, I did that twice (or maybe 3 times) until I had only 5 stitches left.  Drew the yarn through the loops and finished.

When I was done, I had a hat that would be too big for even Andre the Giant to wear.  I was actually a little scared it wouldn’t shrink properly. 

This morning, I work myself up at 7 dreaming about felting my hat.  So I bunged it in the washer with a towel and some hand soap.  And 40 mins later (I think the woman who told me Kid Classic felts lovely was on crack because it took AGES and induced a large amount of feaking out), I had a hat!

I stuffed it with newspaper to block, and finger sculped the brim.  Then I put it in the oven for another half hour to dry.  And it totally fits! It’s basically like those ones I saw at Jon Lewis, but mine.  Unfortunately, the pics I have are a it gimpy because my friend was taking the pics and making me laugh and then snapping them at ugly times.

I have half a ball left, so if I buy one more I can make another hat.  I haven’t fixed the ribbon yet because I might like to just keep it pinned so I have the ability to change the ribbon colour whenever I want.