The weather has been fecking freezing here lately, and instead of knitting, I’ve been shamefully purchasing yarn like I got my hands on Paris Hilton’s Platinum card.  This is not boding well for my bank account.

But I have managed to keep my hands warm with some projects.  For instance, as I scheduled, I finished my Owls jumper in October! And as much as I love it, I have some mixed feelings.  I LOVE the yarn and am having dreams of buying more more more of it.  But I did some stupid things and now my lovely jumper is maybe on the small side.

I tried it on every step of the way and was satisfied. That is until I did the sleeves and joined them to the body.  I’m not sure if it’s the owls or my linebacker shoulders, but the jumper is perhaps just a tad too tight across the chest/shoulders.  I’m hoping that I can stretch this monkey out when I block it.

BUT, that being said, even though it might be just a wee bit on the small side, I still wore it out on Sunday night to a pub quiz and got quite a few compliments. So it’s not as bad as I think (or people are just being nice).  I only wish I had made it slightly bigger because then the amazing yarn I used would be even more squishier instead of pulled taught like Joan River’s face.

I promise to have pics up when my camera has batteries (aka when I get my battery charger back from my friend).

I also managed to finish a lovely lacy cowl to add to my Kissmas pile.  And while I can’t show it here in case of prying eyes, I can vent about the yarn.

The yarn I used was Rowan Tapestry.  And it was an impulse buy that found its way into my bag when I was really just supposed to be looking for felting yarn for my cloche.  But I got drawn in by the pretty colours and how soft it was.  Soft and a biatch to knit with. And while I love the way it knitted up (finally), I was not so in love with how ridiculously splitty it way, how my needles kept getting caught in the fibres, how my nails/cuticles kept getting caught in the fibres, and how loose I had to knit it out of fear that the yarn would just break and come apart.  Seriously like knitting with cotton balls.  But I now have 3 more balls of this stuff so I have to use it it.  Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.