I got my batteries back today and finally managed to take some pics of the Owls jumper.

Note: I took the pics and then decieded to block it. And I’m kicking myself for not blocking it before because I think it grew a bit.  And was heck of dirty. I guess that’s what happends when you knit with your ball of wool rolling around on the floor.


So if there is any significant difference post-blocking, I’ll take a few more snaps.

I really like the lenght of it.  I started my waist decreases about half an ince from the ribbing, then did like two inches before starting the increases.  I did two back increases and then moved the increases to the side to avoid that ‘poofy back’  that freaked me out so much on Ravelry. But then I kinda forgot I had boobs and did only 4 increases instead of a few more.  Hoepfully the blocking will fix that.

I also just realised that with Kissmas soon approaching, this blog is going to be pretty devoid of updates/pics since it’s now high x-mas pressie making time.   But whenever I slip a wee something in for myself, I’ll make sure to post that.