I’m not officially sure when the exact date is, but I know for sure it’s around now- most likely this week.  What day? My knitting birthday!


It was (almost) exactly one year ago that I suddenly got the aching urge to knit.  Of course, I had to teach myself first, but in my head at the time, that was one hurdle to jump when I came to it.

I actually remember it being a Saturday night when I suddenly felt so inspired to take up a new hobby.   I had been searching  e-bay for Peruvian goodies (possible  Kissmas pressies) and stumbled upon a site that sold Peruvian Alpaca jackets, cardis, mittens, and scarves.   So I, in my all things Peruvian craze, immediately went out and bought a pair of mittens for like $7.  However, not content to just have one pair of alpaca mittens, wanted more and I wanted them NOW.  I think it was around the same time (maybe on the Friday?) I had just happened to wander in to k1.  At the time it was pretty new and had replaced a fun little shop called Halibut & Herring that I used to love wandering into.  So I popped in out of curiosity and lo and behold, there was a bucket (and buckets and shelves) full of Alpaca yarn.  I think that’s how the original notion of Alpaca and searching for more Peruvian goods first got planted in my head.  Well, impulsive me (a trait I think I got from my mom),  now was in a position where I had just seen Alpaca yarn, had just bought a pair of Alpaca gloves on E-bay, but at that moment was bereft of anything Alpaca related.  I had to have something then and there, so I therefore had to learn to knit.  I quickly ran out and found that the local ‘we sell everything’ shop did indeed sell some cheap acrylic yarn and some long metal needles.  I had no idea what I was looking for or what I was doing, but grabbed the biggest pair they had (4mm/US6).  And I went back to study http://www.knittinghelp.com

And I kinda failed.  I felt that the metal needles I had were too slippery and small for someone just beginning, so I went to find something larger. Problem was, it was now Sunday.  I ran over to the little knit/sewing shop in Tollcross I had seen but it was closed.  And I was determined to have yarn and needles, no matter what.   On a whim, I thought I would venture back into the Grassmarket to see if K1 happened to be open.  Luckily for me they were, and still without having any idea what I was doing or even looking for, I went for the largest needles I could find- 6mm/10 dpns.  Of course, I had no idea what dpns were, I just though they were value for money (5 for the price of one? bargain!)  I also bought a ball of Artesano dk alpaca, because even though I had no idea how to use it, I knew I needed to have it.  Not yet a knitter and already obsessed with yarn.

From there on, I was glued to knittinghelp.com.  I used my cheapy acrylic to practice stitches on and waited until I thought I could manage a garter scarf.  Then I grabbed my 4mm needles and my alpaca yarn and went to town.  It was just about two weeks later I went down to Brighton to visit my friend for Thanksgiving, working on my scarf on the train ride down.  I found out there that she was starting to really get into crochet and we spent a wonderful weekend knitting, crocheting, and surrounded by yarn.

Now it’s been a year and once agian I’m going down to Brighton for Thanksgiving. I’ve had a loyatly card at K1 ever since that first day and just turned it in for  £10 off these little birthday lovlies I gifted myself:

St Magnus Blackberry
St Magnus Charcoal

Product Info: Content: 50% angora, 50% merino wool. Tension: 20-28 st = 10 cm using a 3.75 -4.5 mm needle. Unit quantity: 50 g (200 m) From Orkney Angora.


I already have plans for the grey one, but am at a loss of what to do with the purple one, which is much darker and more thistle coloured than the one in the photos. I’ve been tossing around the idea of proper finger gloves, but am still undecided. Looking back, I don’t think there is any way you could have told the newbie knitter that in a year she would be making wearable jumpers, hats, and mittens.  Afterall, the whole point of learning how to knit was solely just to make alpaca mittens, and somehow, I’ve yet to actually make any of those!