I know that Christmas is all about giving, but how hard is it to walk past all those lovely shop display windows and not pine a bit inside for all the things you want to buy for yourself instead?

This ‘I want, I want!’ mentality is compounded because of my choice to try and make a few pressies this year, and looking at allll that yarn and rummaging through all those patterns only makes me want to keep everything that comes off the needles.

One designer in particular always seems to be screaming loudly to me every time I pass the book shelf: Kim Hargreaves. I swear, once I start earning a proper income, I am investing in ALL her books, stock piling up hordes of yarn, and never emerging from my roost.   Here’s just a taste of some of my favourites.  Because really, I love them ALL! The right mix of vintage chic mixed with English countryside and touched with just a tad of Victorian glam.

The wonderful/painful thing about these patterns is that you can buy all the materials you need to make each one from Kim’s website.  The whole kit- yarn, buttons, etc (not needles) is included- except the pattern because you have to buy to book to get the pattern.  Cheeky.

So if you’re keen, you can buy your favourite book/season, then find which patterns you want to do, pick a size, and presto, you’re kit is in the post and you are out £98. Ugh.