I love the kind of Sundays that you can take at your leisure.  I went out last night and  I have no idea what possessed me, but I was in the mood to drink my poison straight, on ice.  First up was Bénédictine, which I totally LOVE.  I am going to try and steal the bottle of this away from The Parents if I can. Yum stuff!  Anyway, long story short, the Benedictine gave way to vanilla vodka and I found this morning that it was much too cold to get out of bed at an early hour.  So I read in warmth until midday.

Then came the leisurely perusal of  patterns.  Because my AMAZING colleagues at the NLS all got together to give me a wee sending off pressie: £20 voucher for K1.  Now this can go one of many ways.  Either use it to get 3 skeins of my precious Artesano Aran to make even more accessories with, get a book on things that use yarn, or go all out and spend it all to make one of the following with the incredibly priced New Lanark:

A Cardigan for Arwen by Kate Gilbert

The Central Park Hoodie

The thing that I love about New Lanark is that you get this awesome wool, Aran 100 gram ball = 176 yds / 160 metres, for only £2.95!!!  In my Ravelry stalking, I’ve found that the average person knitting for a 34-37 chest uses 5-7 balls of New Lanark for both patterns.  This means I could easily spend my voucher on yarn to make an entire aran weight hoodie.   Kinda a no-brainer I guess.

Also wonderful Sunday news:

THE NEW TWIST COLLECTIVE IS OUT!  The Twist Collective is my version of Playboy- or Playgirl…whatever.  It’s amazing. I love the articles, I drool over the patterns, and I’m mesmerized by the yarn.   And I learned some things. Like about KNIT NATION IN LONDON!

For those in the UK (or those who are totally moving down to the London area in a week!) you can attend Knit Nation,  a 3 day yarn orgasm with classes, Ravelry party, and yarn yarn yarn yarn yarn!   I am super excited about this and can’t wait for summer.

There was ALSO an ad for UK Knit Camp/Ravelry Day which this year (2010) will take place in Stirling.  This is wonderful for me for two reasons.  1) I LOVE SCOTLAND and 2) it will give me the chance to go ‘home’ for a bit.  And since it’s in Stirling, I could stay with the fam in Dunfermline and then take the train to Stirling.  Simples!