Remember back in the day when I got my Knit-anniversary yarn from K1? Well it was only possible because I caved in the week before and bought £20 worth of goodies. Now half of it I needed- I def needed to get some more of my favourite Artesano Aran for a hat for my friend’s x-mas pressie, and while I probably didin’t need the set of Addi cirs I bought, I’ve used them plenty in the time I’ve been home (with all my precious needles and yarn bulk stay in Surry). So in order to hit that magic £20 limit I needed, I also threw in another skein of Aretsano for me.

This sat around for a few weeks while I contemplated what the duce I was going to do with it. Then the weather went all psycho, I fell ill for a few days, and this hat was made instead.

And I love it!

I’ve worn it almost every single day because of how warm it is.

Slouchy Copy-cat hat 🙂