Oh hai, remember me? Yes, it’s been ages since I’ve had any updates, but you can blame the holidays for that.  Since I’m working like an ant to get all my things knitted for others, I’ve not had a chance to really do anything else.  And since certain people will read this and see what they’re getting, I obviously can’t post any pics of what’s been flying off the needles.  However, I can do a book review!


Whimsical Little Knits 2 by Ysolda Teague

 Let me begin by saying that I rarely buy knitting books.  This is because I feel like I am wasting money if I buy a book for only a pattern or two.  I need to seriously feel like I will knit and use (over and over) all (or almost all) the patterns in the book to make it worth my money. 

Enter WLK2. It is SERIOUSLY one of those book where EVERY (almost) pattern calls me to.  It’s got everything you could want: gloves, hats, scarves,wee gifts, and all with Ysolda’s signature awesomeness.  AND, you get the option of buying either a printed book version or an electronic PDF version, making this one of the most economical books out there. 

If you’ve never knitted a Ysolda pattern before, be warned: it’s not exactly idly knitting.  While some patterns do have that section of mindless garter or stock., most of them magically incorperate lace work and cabling to make absolute stunning creations.  The fact that almost every row is different and that you have to actually pay attention makes all the patterns engaging and fun. Plus, Ysolda does the best job EVER at explaining her patterns, with both charts and line by line instructions, so that you never feel lost.   Plus if you do, she offers free helpful advice- all ya gotta do is send her an e-mail.  Of course, back when I was living in Edinburgh, all you had to do was come to knit night and ask her personally, but alas, that’s no longer an option for some of us.

Here’s a peak of some of my favourite patterns:

Since everything is amazing, I highly recommed you BUY THIS BOOK!  It also makes  a GREAT X-mas pressie and whoever recieves it will love you forever.