The past few days have been dedicated to getting the Crimbo knitting down with.  And thanks to my new Knit group, I managed to suck it up and finish the damn shawl for my granny.



I have to admit, I HATED this project. The pattern is great, but let’s face it- it’s one realllllllllllllllllllllllllly long sleeve. And I HATE sleeves.  That’s the part that takes me the longest on a jumper because it takes all my nerve to just sit down and get it done with. So this was the most boring project ever. Which explains why it took me 3 months to finally finish it- I made sure to do every other project I could think of just to avoid working on this.  But it’s done and I have to admit I’m sitting here wearing it just now. I know I have to give it up to granny, but hey, my arms are cold in this flat! Plus one of the cuffs is still slightly damp, so really I’m helping it dry faster.  

I also finished my x-mas pressies for my friends Zonko and Kiki.  I can’t show what I knit for Kiki because she reads this, but Zonko hasn’t checked this in yonks, so I can at least post 1/2 of her gift:


Not very complex at all. I cranked this out in a night, but the awesomeness of the yarn more than makes up for the banality of the hat. Yes, the hat is knit out of my favourite Artesano Alpaca and is very squishy and soft.  I wish I had made the hat a bit more slouchy, but my friend wanted a slouchy beanie and I tried.  You can’t see it (because I failed and did my maths wrong) but the hat is divided in to 6 sections with purls- so it’s like a 18×1 rib or something.  I wish I had broken it down more into a sort of 8×1, which is more or less what the pattern called for.  whoops.  Check out what it’s supposed to look like here.   But anyway, done and done.

Now I can move on to the yarn that’s been calling me for over half the year: my Rowan Calmer. This stuff is LUSH! Which is why it’s normally something like £6 something a 50g ball.  But I kinda got some birthday money ages ago and spent that on yarn at Jenners- but it was on sale! 10 balls of Rowan Calmer, normally pricedf £67.50 for…..£35!!  I worked it out and I have enough for a jumper, a tank, and a hat! BARGIN! 

Here’s what I hope to make:

And then either