The other night, My Honey was out late at Dr. School Christmas dinner/drinks event, leaving me all by my lonesome until well into the night.  So I did what the doting girlfriend does best- bake things.  Plus I’m super skint this year and wanted to test drive cookie recipes…because nothing says “Merry Christmas” like a bag of homemade fat and calories, lovingly tied up with red and gold sparkly ribbon. The evenings events? Gingerbread men. Voila.

Picture 002

Picture 004

Let me say, by the end of it, most of the gingerbread men were starting to take on the characteristics of a modernest abstract creation that got lost somewhere in between Dali and Pollock.  That and they were increasingly looking like either gingerbread ghots or gay  KKK mutant hybrids. Time to just stop and nom those bad boys.
Picture 003

In knitting news, I am quite surprised at how far I’m coming in Snow White . I’ve finished the body (up until the sleeve join) and an 2/3 finished with sleeve numero uno. The shocking thing is

1) how I’m still sane

2) how far I’ve come

3) that I might have a new sweater to wear in Scotland next week.

The sanity part though is really the kicker because let’s face it, this pattern is ALL 2×2 rib. Yeah, there’s some shaping in there, but really, for what it is, it’s ALL 2×2 rib, and I LOATHE endless ribbing.  Well, I hate knitting endless ribbing, but I love the slimming illusion it gives when you wear it- which is probably why I keep persevering. So hopefully, it all goes to plan, I will finish this sleeve no later than tomorrow and start the second.  That one I hope to be done with  on Friday or Sat.  Then depending on where I am, I will get the sleeves joined on and will either be done just in time to board the plane Sun. night, or will have to finish it all up en Ecosse.  Which of course means I’ll have time to work on ANOTHER jumper…hopefully this time with my wonderful gift voucher to k1 that my awesome awesome colleagues at the NLS gave me as a leaving pressie.  Booyah!