For ages now, the weather predictors have been predicting their little hearts out, stating that Britain was in for a very cold snap that would dump snow all over. Yahoo headlines enticed readers to ‘click to find out where’ and then were bastards and never actually stated where this snow might be landing. Or when they did make a mention, it was uber vague and only stated ‘The North, East, and South East.’ Oh, yeah. I know exactly where you’re talking about now.

So, when My Honey came in to kiss me good bye on his way to work (what, the dude leaves early and our flat is cold…is my excuse), I sleepily asked him if there was any snow. Nope.

Then, while I was desperately searching for ways to get back to England after BA (big rant on that later…maybe) chose to go on strike during the Holiday period, I looked out the window and saw it…things falling from the sky that looked conceivably like snow.

Sadly, it wasn’t quite cold enough to really stick, but I did manage to grab a snap of what it looked like from outside our kitchen window.



Just a light smattering, but it made me desperate for more!

In knitting related news, I might have been a bit…over eager to and optimistic to think I could have my Snow White jumper complete by next week…maybe. Having finished one arm, I went to try it on and found it to be….about 2 inches too short. And no, it’s not the gague because I’ve been anally checking and I am spot on with my rows per inch. This got me to thinking…if my gauge is correct but I’m still finding the sleeve too short, then what about the body. Yep. About two inches too short too. Buggerf*&k.

This is why I’m not super chuffed about bottom up jumpers…because unless you keep trying them on (and I also hate putting stitches on scrap yarn and then slipping them back on the needles just to try something on…yes, yes, I know I should be good, but it’s time consuming!) then you could end up with the situation that I did- where all the body shaping had been done and it was still too short. And because of the tubular cast on, I can’t just be sneeky and pick up stitches from the bottom to add a few inches of length. So I added about 2 inches to the top and hope hope hope fingers crossed that that won’t mess everything up. Jeesh, who would have thought I had a long torso?