Whew! Having survived the WORST NEW YEARS EVER, I’m back and throwing myself in the a plethora of projects!  But first, let me re-cap on on the old.

Here’s some of the pressies I knit for my fab friends:

The wonderful Kiki got Rose Red by Ysolda (seen here in Orkney Angora St. Mangus in charcoal)


Snapdrago Flip-top mitts also by Ysolda

My other friend Zonko got the same mitts, but in purple, and a slouchy beanie that I already showed on here.

As far as New Year resolutions go, I only have one: Learn to knit colour. I want to learn Insarsia and Fair Isle and to begin pumping out lovely things such as Fiddlehead Mittens, Lett-Lopi Vest, and Paper Dolls. MUST HAPPEN! I’ve been fantasizing over them for ages.

Instead, I started off the New Year trying to use on some stash (and knock some more items off my queue). First up is A Cardigan for Arwen using the wonderful yarn my mom sent me. I’ve loved this cardi since the moment I saw it- those cables, those wonderful cables! So complex looking, ad yet so elegant! I’m about 10 inches into the left front panel and loving it! The cable pattern is pretty easy to memorize once you get an understanding of the pattern.  Which I didn’t at first, almost two pattern repeats in.  I’ve been spoiled with cable patterns where you purl every dot and knit every blank- so I didn’t bother to read the directions very well. Turns out you only purl every dot and knit every blank on the right side and then knit the dots and purl the blanks on the wrong. Bugger. But I’m amazed at how fast this is coming along and can’t wait to get ti done.

I’ve also started another Owls.  I know, I know! But I love how fast this jumper knits up, and I needed something to do while watching endless episodes of Smallville (yay for not having TV…)and you can’t exactly knit the Arwen jumper mindlessly. I also have a funeral to go to this week and need some simple plane knitting, so hopefully I can get this one up and out of the way quickly.

Let’s hope for a knit-astic new year!